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New Equipment: PAVE 150 FWD


CDS Ingenieros presents its new equipment for the structural evaluation of Pavements.

In search of continuing to be at the forefront in the incorporation of new technologies for pavement monitoring, we incorporated the most modern technology in structural pavement monitoring, the Pave 150 FWD Impact Deflectometer from the company PaveTesting Ltda.

The Pave 150 FWD impact deflectometer is a device that measures the deflection of the pavement, under the action of an impact load, simultaneously in the center of the loaded area and at various points far from it, through nine longitudinally aligned sensors. , which allows the bowl to be deformed under a dynamic load, similar to that of a heavy vehicle.

It is a team developed with state-of-the-art technology worldwide, which makes it possible to simultaneously collect the following parameters of the pavement:

  • Deflection at each sensor
  • maximum deflection
  • Radius of curvature.
  • Force and frequency of application of the load.
  • Temperature measurement (ambient, surface and pavement)
  • GPS georeferencing of each of the trials
  • High precision DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System).
  • DMI (Distance Measurement Indicator) integrated into the data collection program.
  • Integrated photographic camera for automatic capture of images of the surface of the test execution site.