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Italia Avenue and Centenario Tunnel

Service area

Geometric Design of road infrastructure, BIM Modeling, Pavement Design and Hydraulic Design


Road infrastructure and storm drainage project. Road Signaling and Safety Project.


Intendencia de Montevideo


Arq. Gustavo Carvallo


June – December 2017


Montevideo, Uruguay

Actual state


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As part of a private initiative presented under Law 18,786 by the company Saceem SA, the executive project of road and rainwater infrastructure for the Tunnel of Avda. Italia and Centenario was carried out, as well as the entire area of influence thereof.

Scope of services:

Among the main works carried out, the following stand out:

  • Study of alternative solutions to unevenness for the aforementioned intersection.
  • Executive solution project descending Avda. Italia below its intersection with Centenario, generating a 120m long tunnel.
  • Reorganization of the entire area of ​​influence, which led to an expansion of the infrastructure project comprised of Avda. Italia between Manuel Albo and Escuder Núñez streets and its extension of intervention to Manuel Albo in between Avda. Italia and 8 de Octubre and another set of minor works in neighboring streets or that due to the modification of the traffic directions, needed to be intervened promptly.
  • The executive project covered the areas of geometric road design, pavement design, storm drainage project, signaling project and road defenses.
  • Executive project of urban bike path on Avda. Italia and Manuel Albo circumscribed to the project area.

Project carried out under BIM methodology, presented on time and approved by the counterpart for its bidding and construction. Declared by the Municipality of Montevideo as a strategic project, it was financed by the “Fondo Capital” beginning its construction in 2018 and ending in 2020.

Technical team:

Ing. Diego Nollenberger, Ing. Nelson Pintos, AT Florencia Funes, AT Gonzalo Abella