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New Headquarters of the Veterinary Faculty

Service area

Geometric design of road infrastructure


Geometric design of road infrastructure, Pavement Design, BIM Modeling, Safety and Road Signaling


Corporación Nacional para el Desarrollo (CND) - Universidad de la República


Ing. Diego Flores/Arq. Santiago Lenzi


July – December 2014


Intersection of Routes 8 and 102, Canelones, Uruguay

Actual state


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SUNN Ingeniería and CDS Ingenieros were hired through Public Call No. 01/2014 of the CND for the elaboration of the "Proyecto Ejecutivo para el Movimiento de Suelos e Infraestructuras para la Nueva Sede de la Facultad de Veterinaria de la Universidad de la República del Uruguay"

Scope of services:

The soil movement and road infrastructure projects were carried out in six months according to the bidding specifications and including the three instances of partial deliveries provided for in the bidding documents, which were considered vital for the coordination of work between the parties and compliance with the requested deadlines.

Technical team:

Ing. Diego Nollenberger, Ing. Nelson Pintos, Ing. Gonzalo Cánepa